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Senior Contributor

Your song of 2019

Pick a song released this year that best describes you or how your year went. Let's have a share song.

(I hope it's ok if we do this @Moderator )




My song is The Summit by Oh, Sleeper.


Off the album BLOODIED / UNBOWED - ___ From here I see clear for miles Searching through our best times to force a smile My blood is leaving, but the sun's still shining And I can't see a cloud in sight I can see our own, but they won't get here in time Every man

Re: Your song of 2019

Love this @The-red-centaur ! Your song has so many emotions. Very powerful.

My vibe of 2019:


Looking forward to hearing everyone else's! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Your song of 2019

i'm terrible on new music, i won't even know what songs caame out this year until i look at the hottest 100

Re: Your song of 2019

@plasmo maybe pick one that you know that describes your year instead 😀

Re: Your song of 2019

@greenpea I wanna hear your song Smiley Happy and please tag forumites I don't know everyone here but music is how I get to know people.

Re: Your song of 2019

yeah i'll see if i can find one. bit miffed with this year, i haven;t ticked off some things i had to do.

Re: Your song of 2019

@The-red-centaur @plasmo @nashy  and everyone like plasmo I dont listen to new music that much. I like ,80s,90's and some music from early 2000s.  :..... I just love Nirvana they played live so well.

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Re: Your song of 2019

Re: Your song of 2019

@greenpea hey little pea, take care, enjoy the day.

Re: Your song of 2019

@Gazza75 hey Gazza, how are you going? Take care.

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