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Re: Good Morning!

@Former-MemberI love the idea of Good morning threads, & the good morning posts that I've seen on other threads.

I can only usually check in after work in the evening - so it's more of a good afternoon, or a good night from me. It's 6pm here now.

It is really nice to see people wishing each other a good morning on the forums - it's like my Canaries greeting me with lots of sing-song in the morning, as soon as the sun rises...

@Former-MemberThanks for your good morning, I appreciate it.


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Re: Good Morning!


@Adge, iI soooo gotta get me sunrise singing Canaries 🎶🎼

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning @Former-Member, @Adge, @Former-Member, @Shaz51 and everyone Smiley Happy Hope you all wake/woke to a sunny chirpy morning 🌞🐦
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Re: Good Morning!

Good Morning @CheerBear, and EVERYONE☺ How are you all? I woke hopeful for a good day, as its a beautiful fresh sunny start outside (after all the rain). Right now i'm enjoying a hot cup of EB Tea ☕🌷🌿

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning @CheerBear and all for a
good day.From @Bimby.

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning everyone ..... 🤗💕

Making a bit of a slow start today ..... feels like it's going to be a slow day all round ..... feeling like a sloth and okay with that ..... lol ....

Re: Good Morning!

good morning @Faith-and-Hope, @Former-Member, @Bimby2, @CheerBear, @Adge and everyone xoxo

thanks @CheerBear Heart

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning @Faith-and-Hope  You deserve a slow day sometimes Smiley Happy

Good morning everyone!

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning @Shaz51 Smiley Happy


Re: Good Morning!

good morning @eth Smiley Happy

how are you today

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