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wondering if this is a mental condition like bipolar maybe.

we are grandparents both 80, looking after our 24 jearold grandson, unemployed , at times very depressed, not eating very much not sleeping during the night but walking around the house changing things around and putting stuff in different places ( hiding it) sleeping on the floor and in different places around the house. drinking lots of coffee. e have now locked one room of the house were we have to hide our stuff bevor it getts missing. he is not on drugs or drinks alkohol. he is obsessed with going to america since australia is a shitt country in his eyes. has been there, runn out of money so we payd to gett him back. has changed his name 2 times and wont gett a medicare or heathcard now. or benefitts. otherwise he seems normal and inteligent, but his behaviour is worrying us he did the same at his mothers place she called the police 3 times on him, then court and now he can have no contact so we ended up with him, still not knowing if there is anything wrong. i,am hoping that someone has been had or has similar condition.

and can some light on this for me. thank jou...



Re: wondering if this is a mental condition like bipolar maybe.

@rosebush  Hi rosebush and welcome to the forums. Do you feel that your grandson is a danger to himself or others? if so than you can have him forceably admitted into a mental health ward in a public hospital. You can do this by ringing for an abulance and stating that you feel he could hurt himself or someone else. If not:


The best thing would be to take him to you trusted general practitioner and to be referred onto a psychologist or maybe a psychiatrist. It is a long slow journey but by the sounds of it you ave to take some kind of action asap. I wish you luck. greenpea


ps: if you want to talk with someone on the forums put a @infront of their names. Like I did for you. It will notify them of your message.

Re: wondering if this is a mental condition like bipolar maybe.

hey there @rosebush  as with @greenpea  getting him to a GP is a really solid option, there may also be some info and resource via NDIS to assist you as a carer of him, check out this Topic Tuesday on Navigating NDIS as a carer [click here] Smiley Happy 

In addition, our forum is a great little community to soundboard ideas off and feel less alone amongst it all. Certainly we can feel helpless at times watching our loved ones struggle with complex mental health. Does your Grandson work at all? Or study or have any hobbies at this stage? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Re: wondering if this is a mental condition like bipolar maybe.

hi. he doesnt work nor has any hobbies was once diagnosed aspergers at schoolage.


Re: wondering if this is a mental condition like bipolar maybe.

My son was younger than 24 when he became unwell. He developed odd behaviours, left home, refused to live in any house with carpet, would not use heaters, moved interstate, lived for months by himself in a tent, ran out of money, and on it went. Eventually the illness led to FEP (first eposide psychosis) and hospitalisation. It sounds like your grandson is very unwell. Suggest you go to your regular GP and describe your grandson's symptoms, then see what your GP recommends. Next step may be for your grandson to see the GP. Also, find the number of the CATT (crisis and assessment team) in your area. Call them and describe his behaviours, especially any behaviours that feel threatening or you cannot cope with. 


Re: wondering if this is a mental condition like bipolar maybe.

hi again , he will not see a doctor about it. he is 24 i cant drag him there. i rung the cat team few days ago for help, the kind lady on the phone wantd to have a talke with him, but he refused so they couldnt help, said i have to call the police, which is the last resort i will do because my daughter did this 3 times already. he damaged furniture and gott ridd of her belongings. he had to go to court and is now not erlaud to have contact with her. he had nowhere to go so ofcourse we took him in.but now 6 month later he does the same to us throwing things out moving stuff around etc. etc.changed his name and does not want a medicrecard or healthcard either. thanks for any help.


Re: wondering if this is a mental condition like bipolar maybe.

Hearing you about the difficulty of getting help for a young man who needs it but does not want to engage with system. 


Sometimes they make too much about drugs and alcohol as those other withdrawing behaviours are significant. 


I think it is wrong the way the CAT team will not come out unless they can talk with person.  I have had major escalations at home due to their inadequate protocol.  They were designed to be able to go out to the house and now have backed off fromthat responsibility.  IMO using police so much when issues are mental health issues is like using a crane when a tiny tweezer would do the job better.  


Finding your own personal boundaries as he learns to find his.  Its great that he is not interested in substances. Focus on his positive aspie side. Usually there are special interests that can possibly help open up a life path for him. 


Take Care of you as you try and enable a best possible outcome for him.  Diagnosis is only part of the solution IMO.

Re: wondering if this is a mental condition like bipolar maybe.

Hi there @rosebush 


Him sleeping diferent places around house sounds like he's being your pet or something, feeling as if he's really at home. As for the rest like hiding things maybe he's pranking you. Anyhow, I hope it all works out for you.

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